In 2012, CDTS Ltd were engaged to undertake seeding works around the new Visitor Centre at Stonehenge. This was relocated approximately 1.5 miles from its original site adjacent to the stones, to a new site at Airmans Corner, from which visitors would get a bus to the site itself. Areas around the Visitor Centre were seeded by CDTS with a mix of local grassland species and amenity grasses.

Combined with this work was the removal of the A344 running by the stones, which CDTS re-seeded using locally harvested chalk grassland seed. As the road used to run right next to the Heelstone, very close to Stonehenge itself, amenity grasses also had to be used to cope with the heavy footfall. However, further away, the chalk flora, combined with the removal of the road and the car park, gives the Ancient Monument a much more natural setting.