//Ouse Washes, Cambridgeshire

Ouse Washes, Cambridgeshire

Ouse Washes is a linear 2,513.6 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest between the the Old and New Bedford Rivers stretching from near St Ives in Cambridgeshire to Downham Market in Norfolk. The area between the rivers is 20 miles (32 km) long and almost a mile wide and acts as a floodplain during the winter and, increasingly, also in summer. With the increased flooding risk the banks along the rivers have been raised by the Environment Agency and required re-seeding once complete.

As the site is a SSSI and also managed by the RSPB, the hydroseeding to the banks by CDTS Ltd required specially selected seed mixes and careful management to ensure compliance with all the environmental elements.

The hydroseeding also needed to provide temporary protection to the slopes whilst ensuring rapid establishment of the grasses and wildflowers.