After successfully carrying out restoration work for Banks mining on their open cast quarries, CDTS were contracted to carry out hydroseeding on Northumberlandia, a large profile earth sculpture. Banks Mining commissioned the artist Charles Jenks to design the largest human form sculpted into the landscape. Using 1.5 million tonnes of clay, the sculpture of a female form is 34 metres high and 400 metres long.

CDTS were involved from an early stage, advising on topsoil type and finish to minimise erosion and specify the hydroseeding mix and seed mixture. Due to the intricate nature of the project CDTS carried out the work over several visits during 2011, dovetailing with the earth moving to ensure that freshly spread topsoil was quickly hydroseeded, reduscing the risk of erosion to the carefully profiled feature.

The project was successfully finished in late Autumn 2011.