Green Roof at Instow, Devon

CDTS are often approached with unusual requests from clients, to which we always endeavour to find a cost effective workable solution. One such project recently came from a specialist green roof company who had been commissioned to establish a green roof onto The New Royal Marines Training Headquarters at Instow in Devon. Due to the location being exposed to the prevailing wind from the sea, the growing medium for the sedum kept drying out and blowing away hindering establishment and causing problems on the Marines base. CDTS were approached to provide a solution using our Hydroseeding techniques. We provided a proposal to Hydroseed a dense layer of Hydroseeding mulch, combined with our natural tackifiers to bind the materials together and form a bonded non woven matrix over the growing medium. The proposal was accepted and CDTS subsequently were contracted to apply the mix using our Hydroseeders. All CDTS Hydroseeders are capable of applying heavy slurries, due to the specialist pumps we use, which enable us to easily pump up to roof level, (which in this instance was 15 metres in height)  and apply the mix in a controlled way preventing overspray.

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