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CDTS was founded in 1980 to provide specialist seeding services across the UK, with the emphasis on hydroseeding (sometimes called hydraulic seeding or incorrectly Hydraseeding). Over the decades CDTS have been involved with many of the UK’s highest profile contracts and have established ourselves as the UK’s leading hydroseeding contractor.

Despite growing in size we have always prided ourselves on our personal service and professional staff. With our wealth of experience in establishing vegetation onto a huge variety of different sites, we feel confident that we can provide the right technical solution and effective delivery of any sized seeding project.

CDTS operate a nationwide hydroseeding service from two main offices and operate seven hydroseeders ranging in size enabling us to undertake any hydroseeding project.

In conjunction with our hydroseeding equipment we provide a full conventional seeding service using compact tractors and mountain tractors fitted with a full range of cultivation and seeding equipment enabling us to undertake all types of seeding. Other services offered are; direct tree seeding, seed harvesting, wild flower seeding, vegetation management and consultancy.

Hydroseeding in the UK has evolved over the decades with many American wood based hydroseeding products being shipped over from America. CDTS prides itself on using re-cycled hydroseeding materials produced in the Uk by GroWeb. Using these tried and tested natural organic products is environmentally sound and provides, in our opinion, the ultimate hydroseeding mulch – designed by nature. This is borne out by the millions of square meters of hydroseeding we successfully undertake each year.

To ensure success we carefully analyse each site and provide a bespoke hydroseeding specification which is applied using one of our seven hydroseeders which are all equipped with internal agitation to ensure the hydroseeding mixes (sometimes called slurries) are homogenized. These mixes are projected on to the sites by powerful pumps with recessed impellers to protect the seed. We apply the mix using a variety of jets either through cannons or hoses. Our experienced and highly trained staff provide on site expertise to ensure that the hydroseeding is delivered efficiently and in accordance with the specification.

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